Prices for the income tax preparation services

The prices vary with your family situation, your yearly revenue, and the number of sheets you have with your declaration.


Type of service Price Details
Income tax declaration for an employee 59 Base price plus $4.25 per slip
Income tax declaration for an autonomous worker 149 Basic price, for an economic activity,
vehicle and home office expenses not included
Autonomous Worker – Home office 22
Autonomous Worker – Vehicle Fees 22
Income tax declaration for a retiree 54 Base price plus $4.25 per slip
Income tax declaration for a student 44 Base price plus $4.25 per slip
Pre-bankruptcy tax declaration 164
Pre-bankruptcy tax declaration 164
Deceased person tax teclaration 164 Estate without assets
Clearance certificates 94 By certificate
Welfare tax return 44 T5007 + RL31
Income properties 64 Per building / per owner, on top of base price
Employment expenses (T777) 64 By form
Deduction of meal and accommodation expenses (TL2) 64 By form
Newcomer tax return 74
Home support credit 17
Income splitting 17
Work from home (quick method) 12
Capital gain / loss 120$/h Crypto Transactions
Income property history 120$/h
Statement of adjustment 61
Power of attorney for Revenu Québec access 26 Consultation of the provincial personnel file
Purchase of first principal residence 17
Inter-provincial tax transfer 17
Sale house – main residence 31 Price for each owner
Paper declaration printing 12
Add up medical bills 65$/h Minimum 15$