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Being entrepreneurs ourselves…

We know how difficult it can be to manage a business’s finances. And it’s not really difficult, but oh how trying, and above all, really long.

Picking up your bills, compiling them, putting them away neatly, and putting everything together can become quite a headache. And especially if you don’t have an exact and systemic way of organizing yourself.

As with everything, the main thing is not necessarily to work harder, but to work smart.

That’s why our main focus is to create a system for you to easily manage your finances, every day, every customer, and every invoice you have.

A team of experts at your service

When it’s time to manage your finances, all companies need a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) to make sure the numbers are correct and that you are in good standing with the government.

Not only are we a team of accountants with vast experience, but one of our Co-Founders is also an Actuary, therefore a master of numbers and probabilities. This assures you of a strategic and far-sighted vision that will guide you in your financial decisions.

Also, our other co-founder is an entrepreneur who is constantly thinking about systemizing business, and that’s why we don’t just want to help you prepare your taxes and financial statements but help you set up a financial system that you can use for the long haul.

With such a diverse and powerful team of professionals, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

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